Kaimus Mornhollow

average height, dark haired, middle aged human male


This man appears unassuming and average at first glance. He is 5’11", 170lbs, with grey-blue eyes and shoulder length auburn hair he keeps pulled back tightly with a short beard on his face. He is almost always wearing a pair of reading spectacles and has a slightly slouching posture from years of being bent over paperwork or books.

In his eyes though you can see his sharp intelligence. In them there is a thirst for knowledge and a mind that is always pondering the meaning of things. This leads to a feeling of intensity those deal with him can sense. He is a direct and blunt individual with little patience for nonsense and tomfoolery.


Kaimus is a middle-aged Human male that has spent most of his life buried in books. He had a penchant for knowledge at a young age and would feverishly devour any bit of research or tome that he could get his hands on. Though he most certainly would have made a quick study as a mage if he was sent off to school for it, his poor and poverty stricken family could not afford to nurture this passion of his, and he was forced to leave to live on his own and support himself at the young age of fourteen. With reading being his only real talent, as he was a slight and bookish man, he found work as an apprentice to a scribe in the town hall of the village of Reach. After years at this apprenticeship, he eventually was granted his own office and became a fully employed scribe for the town.

During this time he spent all of his spare time and money indulging his desire for knowledge. Between issuing permits or keeping records of meetings or copying official legal documents, Kaimus would ask the steady influx of travelers that the nearby Mt. Celestial attracted about any rare or unusual books they had collected on their adventures and offer to buy them. Most of these have been religious texts or almanacs and so on, but he read everything he could. He became quite skilled at research during these years, and was able to quickly piece disjointed bits of information from different sources together with an insightful mind.

It is during this era of his life that Kaimus stumbled upon one particular tome of great importance. Found by a traveling adventurer with no interest in such things, a black leather bound book written in a language Kaimus had never seen before made it into his collection. Inside it were diagrams, displays, and mathematical formulas he had never seen before. He came to the conclusion that this must have belonged to a powerful wizard and was the record and legacy of the life of such a person. Over the years he brought to bear every bit of his talent at research to slowly decipher this book bit by bit.

As fate would have it this was when a change of career came for Kaimus. A traveling half-elven bard and her strong human traveling companion came in to file for a business license. They were starting a tour guiding service to capitalize on the pilgrims coming to Mt. Celestial. When Kaimus pointed out all the paperwork and legal reporting and filing such a venture was going to need, the charismatic half-elf was able to convince him to join them in this business to handle the “back of the house” duties. While the money wasn’t as dependable as the small income he received from his scribing, he was sold on the potential of growing the business and taking matters of his future into his own hands. Thus Kaimus joined the group, with no one knowing about the book he was so close to finally decrypting.

Kaimus Mornhollow

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